#1 Garage Door Repair Company in Chandler, Arizona

We are a full service company offering garage door openers in Chandler, Arizona. Part of our services is providing the proper information when our customers need it. We get many customers that ask about how to do basic garage door opener troubleshooting. We are more than happy to help repair your garage door opener. We also wanted to provide the “how to” of common and basic troubleshooting.

Your Remote Works But the Wall Switch Won’t

As your garage door opener ages then you might experience some basic difficulties. One of these is the remote working but the walk switch won’t. There are a few things that can cause this. A good place to start is testing the wall switch. To do this,

– Unscrew your wall switch.
– You will see a wire. Unscrew this wire and touch the other terminal with it.
– This creates a completed circuit.
– If your garage door opener works then you need to replace the wall switch.

You may be skeptical of messing with your wall switch. But, you don’t have anything to worry about. This switch uses very low voltage.

Your Switch Works But the Remote Doesn’t

This is another common problem that customers report. The first step is a very simple one…replace the batteries in your remote. This may not occur to you if you changed the batteries recently.

But, like any manufactured product, there are “duds”. You may simply have received a couple batteries that weren’t fully charged. If this doesn’t work then you probably need to replace your remote. Our staff is able to help you find one that will work with your specific garage door opener model.

Your Garage Door Will Only Close By Holding The Wall Switch

This is another very common issue. It leads many customers to think that their garage door opener is going bad. But, the answer is usually much simpler. If you have a garage door opener with safety sensors on the floor then it is likely they are the issue. These sensors work by sending a beam between them.

If something has knocked one of them out of alignment then this beam is broken. Your garage door opener will always think that something is blocking it from closing. You can fix this by simply moving the sensor that is not in alignment. If both sensors are aligned then you may need to replace either one of the sensors.

We provided these basic troubleshooting steps to help our customers. If you are uncomfortable with completing these steps, don’t have enough time, or need some assistance then call our office. Our staff is always willing to provide a helping hand. We are dedicated to helping you from the moment you purchase your garage door opener in Chandler, Arizona, through installation, and the life of the opener.

When choosing a company that provides garage door openers in Chandler, Arizona, consider whether you simply want to make a purchase or create a lasting relationship. There are many companies that simply sell garage door openers. But, few are dedicated to making sure you are satisfied throughout the process. If you are looking for that level of service then come visit us.